Dantotsu Official

Read & Watch Anime, Manga Anywhere

An Open-source Anime, Manga app inspired by Saikou , enhanced with Tachi/Aniyomi extensions.

Your Favorites Anime and Manga

For anime and manga fans who want to stay current with their preferred series, Dantotsu is the perfect on-the-go companion. This user-friendly app integrates with Anilist so you can easily track your progress and see what content your friends are enjoying. Dantotsu makes it simple to catch up on new episodes and chapters of your favorite anime and manga whenever and wherever you want.

Get Everything at one Place

Dantotsu eliminates the need to open your browser to find anime and manga content. This versatile app built on Anilist and Tachi/Aniyomi integrates Aniwave for watching anime and Mangadex for reading manga seamlessly in one place. With Dantotsu, your favorite series are right at your fingertips – no more hassle searching around. Once installed, you can explore and discover new anime and manga without ever leaving the app. Dantotsu magically aggregates all the content you love into one convenient spot.

Customize Dantotsu

Dantotsu gives you control to customize your experience. With an expanding collection of materials, including three themes and counting, you can personalize the app to suit your taste. Beyond changing the theme, you can also set your favorite anime character as the app icon for a more personalized feel. The home page is customizable too, so you decide which content you want front and center. Whether you want to showcase your top anime series or favorite manga volumes, Dantotsu lets you tailor the app and make it your own.